So we live in a world where most people take better care of their cars than they do their bodies. We service our cars regularly, wash them, put good fuel in them etc. With our bodies we are lucky to even wash them in some cases!

This brings me to my point… When your oil light goes off in your car what do you do? Do you cut the wire to the light? Do you put some tape over it so you can’t see it? NO! You take it in to get it serviced. Many of you don’t even let it get to that point. That is MY point…

When your body’s oil light (symptom) goes off what do you do? Many people find a way to turn it off in the easiest manner, pain reliever, shots, other drugs, etc. So when that action is taken is the problem really being addressed? Are you actually changing the oil or are you just covering the oil light up? You know the answer.

It’s time to start listening to your body. If the warning light is going, off fix the problem! Don’t just cover up the problem. Don’t wait until the car breaks down. If you cover the symptom up long enough the body will “breakdown” and you will have a much bigger problem on your hands.

It’s pretty simple. Regular preventative care and lifestyle keeps the “oil” from getting too low to begin with. That is the ultimate solution. With that being said, I am also a realist and know that most people don’t do that. So, when you do have a symptom “light” go off get in to get “serviced” and fix the problem. Don’t cover the problem up.

This is what we as chiropractors focus on: fixing problems and keeping them that way. Waiting for things to break down is painful, expensive and scary. Don’t be that person. Life is a lot better when you take care of the little problems. This applies to everything. That’s your free life advice for the day!