A lot of people ask about how they should sit, stand, lay etc. It’s a fair question. There are so many experts out there that have so many options on how to move ‘right’. With that being said, there are a lot of things that we can learn from little people. It’s fairly ironic that an infant can teach us more than an ‘expert’ adult who studies movement every single day. So here are a few things we have learned from infants that you can implement today to help improve your everyday movements. Remember, some of the best things for you are very simple by nature.

1. Sit like a child – Take the time to put your body in a full squat with your rear just off the floor and get comfortable for a minute or so. It stretches your glutes, back and legs all at the same time. If you have to find a way to get down into the full squat use a chair or door frame to hold on to.
2. Lay on your stomach and push your torso up and hold it – It’s pretty simple. Lay face down and push your torso up with your arms and hold yourself there for 30-60-90 seconds. This is not only a good stretch but a great way to strengthen your postural muscles in your neck and upper back.
3. (This one you might want to do alone!) Climb your stairs like an infant with your hands and feet – This is an awesome way to develop more normal gait motions and glute development. This will also improve your general hip mobility, which is something that most people who sit for a living have problems with.

These are just a few things that can get you started moving a bit better. Not only will you move better, but I guarantee you will feel better if you are consistent with it. Make it part of your daily routine and notice the difference in only 30 days.

Again, I want to stress that many times the best things for you are the simple things. This holds true with many areas of your life.

So go out and move and LIVE like a baby!

Dr. Brett