We love our phones about as much as some of the people in our lives. They basically control our lives. Sometimes in a good way but many times in a bad way.

The other day I was looking into our reception room and watching all of the people just sitting looking at their phones. It got me thinking about how our phones affect our lives if we allow them to.

Here is a quick list of things that you may or may not have noticed or understood the magnitude of what your phone is truly doing to you.

Anxiety – Your phone has become as addictive as a cigarette to most people. If you say you are not addicted then leave it home for a day and see how many times you think about it. Well, anything that becomes addictive becomes a source of anxiety when you don’t have full, unlimited access to it. This creates problems in settings in which you are not able to use your device freely. This becomes a constant state of anxiety after a while because of how your brain works. When you hear the ding or feel the vibration it triggers this anxious state almost immediately and the stress response in your body is fully underway.

Lack of presence – When you are not fully engaged in what you are doing this takes away from the enjoyment and productivity of it. How many settings do you find yourself looking at your phone off and on and never truly being fully engaged with things? This takes away from not only you but the other people around you. Remember, lack of presence = lack of fulfillment.

Spinal Problems – Have you ever seen a picture of yourself sitting in a chair looking at your phone? If you have you will notice what it looks like. You probably actually look spineless…no offense. It becomes something that kills your posture, which kills your spine and therefore your nervous system. So not only does this look awful but it also actually affects your physical and mental health via your nervous system. The key with this is that many of these problems become irreversible if they are constant or left unaddressed. So the key with this is that you need to either change your posture or find a good chiropractor or do both!

I hope this sheds some light on the relationship of your cell phone and you. The next time you look at it with those romantic loving stares remember what evils it causes you. Put it down for a while and be present with the people in your life, don’t let it create a constant state of anxiety and definitely don’t let it make you spineless. ; )