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We all deal with it. We all deal with it differently. Stress is one of those things that can sneak up on you over time and completely control your life. It’s amazing how our health can change from stress if it affects us long enough. Things like problems sleeping, poor eating (too much or too […]

We love our phones about as much as some of the people in our lives. They basically control our lives. Sometimes in a good way but many times in a bad way. The other day I was looking into our reception room and watching all of the people just sitting looking at their phones. It […]

So we live in a world where most people take better care of their cars than they do their bodies. We service our cars regularly, wash them, put good fuel in them etc. With our bodies we are lucky to even wash them in some cases! This brings me to my point… When your oil […]

  Obviously this is the time of year for resolutions and life-changes by all walks of life. Another truth with this fact is that the majority of these people will fall off track and not meet their goals. Most of these people blame all sorts of things and even themselves. In a way they are […]

I hear people say a lot that they just don’t feel good. Whether its aches and pains or just feeling tired all the time, it’s a common theme with people these days. Not feeling good is not normal and does not have to be your normal.   Since being in the healthcare field for the […]

Posture and your Health One thing that you will constantly hear preached and practiced at MaxLife is posture. The reason why is that posture has much more to do with your overall general health than just your outward physical appearance. Your parents or grandparents were right, you need to quit slouching and stand/sit up straight. […]

We always remind our valued practice members that the majority of their results will come from what happens outside of the office.  Many times they don’t realize the things that are important to do are so simple and easy.  It’s just a matter of finding the time necessary to do them consistently.  In most cases, […]


Stress Less! Do things get a little hectic around the holidays and year end? Are you and your co-workers looking for ways to reduce stress?   We’ll come to your office to share ideas and tips on how to reduce stress and improve your health BEFORE the New Year Chair massages for employees Ergonomic assessments […]